Ahmad Shah Durrani

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Durrani was born in or about to Mohammad Zaman Khan, chief of the Abdali tribe and Governor of Herat, and Zarghuna Alakozai. There has been some debate about .

  • Ahmad Shah Durrani

    Ahmad Shah Durrani Padishah Ghazi Shah of the Durrani Empire Durr i Durrani “Pearl of Pearls” .

  • Ahmad Shah Durrani Afghanistan Online

    Biography of Ahmad Shah Abdali Durrani, founder of modern Afghanistan..

  • Ahmad Shah Bahadur

    Ahmad Shah Bahadur, Mirza Ahmad Shah, Mujahid ud Din Ahmad Shah Ghazi was born to Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah..

  • Invasion Of Ahmad Shah Abdali Sikh

    Ahmed Shah had ac.panied Nadir Shah to Delhi in , and had seen the weakness of the ruler there. To pay for the maintenance of the army, he had to .

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